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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023
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Econs tuition in Singapore

JC Economics Education Centre was founded in 2013 by Mr. Anthony Fok, a passionate and knowledgeable economics tutor with a master’s degree and ongoing doctorate studies in education. The Centre was established with the aim of helping junior college students in Singapore succeed in economics by providing personalized coaching and mentoring.

Mr. Fok is recognized as one of the top “super tutors” in Singapore, with features in news articles and television programs highlighting his success in teaching economics. He strongly believes in incorporating real-life examples and personal anecdotes into his lessons to make them more interesting and help students better understand economics concepts.

The Centre’s curriculum is tailored to meet the learning objectives of the latest GCE A-level economics syllabus. Mr. Fok prioritizes not only content learning, but also application and evaluation skills to help students achieve distinctions in their economics exams. He teaches students how to analyze and dissect different types of exam questions and identify their main requirements. Through a step-by-step approach, he guides students in applying economics principles and evaluating their answers. He is always available to answer students’ queries promptly and encourages them to clarify their doubts.

The Centre offers Intensive Revision Programs to prepare students for the JC 1 Economics promotional and JC A-Level exams. These programs include case studies workshops and topic-centered workshops, which focus on specific areas such as market failure, macroeconomic objectives and policies, and international trade. The revision content is designed to be concise and easily digestible, and students gain useful exam strategies and tips to apply in their economics paper.

Many of Mr. Fok’s former students have expressed their gratitude for his help and guidance, with several of them scoring well in their A-Level economics exams and being accepted into prestigious overseas universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

Overall, JC Economics Education Centre, under the guidance of Mr. Anthony Fok, is dedicated to helping students achieve academic success in economics by providing personalized coaching, interesting and engaging lessons, and effective exam strategies.

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