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March 10, 2023
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One of the Best Economics Tutor – Anthony Fok

Mr Anthony Fok is the principal economics tutor of JC Economics Education Centre. The tuition centre was started in 2013 to share his knowledge and passion in economics to junior college students in Singapore. Armed with a master’s degree and currently pursuing a doctorate in education, Mr Anthony Fok is devoted to helping all students succeed in the subject by personally coaching and mentoring the students. Anthony Fok has also been featured in various media platforms such as news articles and television programmes as one of the best “super tutor” in Singapore. These appearances prove his success as an effective economics tutor to his students.

Lessons are carefully designed to meet the learning objectives of the latest A level economics syllabus. Students will not merely learn content, but also learn application and evaluation skills to score distinctions in their economics examination. In each lesson, Anthony Fok will weave in real-life examples and personal anecdotes to illustrate the economics concepts better. He is a strong believer of making students understand the economics concepts better via sharing his life experiences. This also makes the economics lessons more interesting and less repetitive.

The lessons will adequately cover the topics in the latest GCE A-level economics syllabus, followed by going through various examination question types, both case studies and essays. Students will be taught on how to analyse and dissect the questions and to identify the question main requirements. A step by step approach to applying the economics principles and evaluating answers will be taught in class. Students will also get Mr Anthony Fok’s mobile number so that they can clarify their doubts after tuition classes. His bubbly and friendly personality will encourage students to get their queries answered promptly.

In preparation for the JC 1 Economics promotional examinations and JC A-Level examinations, the Intensive Revision Programmes are tailored to make revision for economics effective. Some of these programmes include the case studies workshop and topic centred workshops (e.g. market failure, macroeconomic objectives and policies, international trade, etc.). Economics Tutor Anthony Fok makes sure that these revision content lessons are concise for easy revision and students’ examination skills are strengthened. Students will be able to gain useful examination strategies and tips to apply in their economics paper.

Many of Anthony Fok’s former students are thankful for the help that he had extended to them and have scored well in their A-Level economics examinations. Several of them have gone to prestigious overseas universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

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